Starting Your Day With a Smoothie

Starting Your Day With a Smoothie

Joey from Made by Joey is with us today to share some great tips for starting our days with healthy and delicious smoothies.


We all know that a healthy diet requires lots of fruits and vegetables so a smoothie is a great way to include them in your family’s breakfast menu, in a lunch box or as an afternoon snack.


While using fresh, organic produce is always the best choice, preparing the fruits and vegetables ahead of time and freezing them makes the process even simpler on the days you are rushed, and minimizing the clean up.



  • Knife and peeler
  • Plastic containers or bags to store chopped fruit
  • Blender – there are many great blenders on the market, we have a Vitamix.

Starting Your Day With a Smoothie



Chop fresh fruits and vegetables into rough chunks and store in bags or containers in your freezer. Freeze soft fruit and berries on cookie sheets for about 2 hrs before transferring into bags.

  •  Fruits to freeze: Apple, Pear, Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Mango, Pineapple, Grape, Kiwi, Banana, Apricot, Peach, Nectarine, Prune plum, Cherry, Pomegranate, Papaya
  • Vegetables to freeze : Carrot, Beet, Zucchini, Kale, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Collard, Bok Choy, Lettuce, Bell Pepper, Cooked Yam, Cooked Squash, Cilantro, Parsley, Mint leaves
  • Fruits and Vegetables best used fresh: Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Ginger, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Honeydew melon, Fig, Medjool Date, Tomato, Cucumber, Avocado


Mix and match your favorite fruit and vegetable combinations or include any of the following ingredients for added nutrients.


Other healthy foods that can be added to smoothies:

  • Flax oil, Udo’s Choice Oil Blend (dosage on bottle)
  • Nut butter – almond, hazelnut, cashew, peanut
  • Seed butter – tahini, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed
  • Raw seeds – sesame, chia, pumpkin, sunflower seed (best in high speed blenders)
  • Dairy free nut milk, coconut milk or 1/4 avocado (for a more creamy consistency)


Note: Adding an additional protein powder is not necessary for a child (or adult) who is eating a healthy diet. Many protein powders are designed for adults wishing to increase muscle mass through rigorous exercise or for individuals who are not getting adequate protein through a limited diet. Our bodies require only a small amount of protein each day for healthy growth and maintenance.


Starting Your Day With a Smoothie


Helpful Hints:

  • Greens can make a smoothie turn an unappealing brown shade, add 1/4 of a red beet to change the colour to a vibrant more appealing purple.
  • Many stores sell large bags of Organic chopped frozen fruit and fresh greens in bags or clear boxes (spinach, kale, lettuce) that can be tossed into the freezer as is, for easy use.
  • Freeze ripe bananas whole, with the skin on. The skin will turn brown but the banana inside will still be yellow. To thaw, rinse under warm water and peel off skin.
  • Buy large amounts of produce when it’s in season or when it comes on sale and fill your freezer.
  • The more frozen produce you use, the thicker the smoothie will be, similar to the consistency of sherbet!
  • Have your child choose a special glass just for smoothies. Straws are another option to make the drink seem special.
  • For those wanting a sweeter taste, Figs and Dates are natural sweeteners that may be added.
  • A wedge of lemon/lime or a 1/2″ piece of peeled ginger adds a nice flavor to apple and carrot smoothies.
  • Send your child to school with a smoothie in an insulated bottle if you are short on raw vegetables for their lunch.
Start Your Day With a Smoothie

Before and After Adding Beet to Smoothie


I recommend that you do not try to entice your child by calling a smoothie a “milkshake”. Instead, teach your child the differences between the two. A milkshakes is a dessert made with sugar, flavoring and milk products, a smoothie is different great tasting drink, made with healthy fruits and vegetables.


Some great smoothie recipe books: