A Tribute to Good Fathers

A Tribute to Good Fathers...

Over the years I have written about many of the wonderful experiences I have shared with our daughters. Yet, to be completely honest, you are only seeing half of the story. The unspoken truth behind Playful Learning and all that it has grown into is that I have an incredible partner, Ed Bruehl.

As today is his birthday, I thought that I would share a glimpse into the magic that he adds to our lives on a daily basis, and at the same time, acknowledge fathers everywhere and the incredible difference they are making in the lives of their children.

Please excuse me while I gush a bit. This tribute is a birthday gift to the man that I love dearly.


Here are just a few things that I am ever-so-grateful for…


He reminds us to slow down, notice the beauty around us, and live every moment to the fullest. This is a rock tower that we built at the beach together.


When he is away, he sends photos and tells us how much he loves and misses us.


 A Tribute to Good Fathers...

He demonstrates how powerful it is when a husband truly supports his wife. He is my biggest fan. He believes in me (sometimes more than I believe in myself). He knows exactly when to push me to live into my potential, as well as when to encourage me to slow down and nurture myself.


He sits and talks with the girls everyday, thoughtfully checks in with them if he feels like something is not right, shares his thoughts and opinions with them, and has earned their utmost respect.


He models to our daughters that romance is an important part of a good marriage. He is the perfect date. He really wants to know about me and my thoughts, processes anything I need to talk about, and asks great questions.


A Tribute to Good Fathers

He knows that it is the little things that make lifelong memories (like taking a jacuzzi during a blizzard).


He has the patience of a saint, never criticizes or judges, and takes the time to teach what he knows.

Like surfing (he did not know that I was filming this)…



And skiing…


And skateboarding, diving, rollerblading, riding bikes, honesty, integrity, and other big life lessons…

A Tribute to Good Fathers

He sets an example of someone who challenges himself, strives towards excellence, and at the same time, always makes everyone around him feel great about who they are and what they have to share.


A Tribute to Good Fathers

He takes pride in being a good father and a loving husband… and he walks the talk everyday.


A Tribute to Good Fathers...

Did I mention that he is the family chef and has been cooking and feeding our family healthy, organic meals since the time I met and fell in love with him in college?


A heartfelt thank you goes out to Ed and all of the other good fathers out there, your gallant deeds will be felt for generations to come. You are the true heroes of our time.


And you are so loved…


Please so share about the hero(es) in your life.