Crafts for Kids: Beaded Magic Wands

Crafts for Kids: DIY Beaded Magic WandsKate from An Everyday Story is with us today to share a fun way add magic to your child’s dramatic play scenarios…

A few old beads, some wire and a handful of gathered sticks is all that was needed to create some magic. Both of my children love to create elaborate imaginary worlds. They are often a mish-mash of firefighters, fairies and superheroes. They go on bus-ride adventures and make important stops along the way to pick up more imaginary friends.

Lately there has been a new element to their play; magic. Now everyone knows all good wizards and witches need their very own unique magic wand. So when Jack (4.5yrs) declared enthusiastically over breakfast that today we should make some wands, I was more than happy to oblige.

DIY Beaded Magic Wands

Of course he wanted to make real wands. Wands that created real magic. I told him that magic is created in our imaginations and so long as we believe, then it will be real.

As my children threaded beads, they talked about the magical properties of each; this bead makes you invisible, this one means you can jump really high, this one turns you into an elephant.

DIY Beaded Magic Wands

They trimmed wire and threaded beads. Sarah (2.5yrs) was particularly engaged in threading. Those tiny little fingers ever so patiently working.

Wire is wonderful for toddlers and preschoolers. It presents a new and interesting challenge. Wire can be shaped and manipulated but requires little hands to work slowly in order to fasten it together.

DIY Beaded Magic Wands

Our magic wands may look a little hodge-podge but they are filled with magic. And the best kind of magic; a child’s imagination. After all, ‘those that don’t believe in magic will never find it.’ Roald Dahl.