Let’s Celebrate You!: A Special Day for Kids

Let's Celebrate You! A special day for kids.

Joey from Made by Joey is with us today to share some lovely ideas for honoring and appreciating the children in our lives…

Imagine having a special day to celebrate you!  I’m not talking about celebrating your birthday.  I’m suggesting a day that celebrates the wonderful things that make you the wonderful person you are.

This activity was designed to spark your child’s imagination by recording what is  important to them during this period of their life.  It also provides parents an opportunity to discuss with their child the positive attributes that they see hidden in their answers.

Let's Celebrate You!

Print off the let’s celebrate you template for your child to complete (adults can play too!) with some questions to get him/her thinking about what is important to them.  They may learn something about themselves and you may learn something about your child!

When the child has completed the template questions, take a look at their answers together and discuss how their positive attributes are evident from their answers.

Perhaps your child has decided to have his day on a weekend so that he can share his day with his loved ones that go to school and work.  Point out how that this shows that he is thoughtful.

Maybe your child wants to decorate the house with the color yellow as it’s her favorite color.  Yellow being a bright, cheerful color likely says a lot about her personality!

Let's Celebrate You! A special day for kids.

Or maybe your child’s day will include making gifts for others, which shows her generosity.

Here is a list of some more positive attributes…

  • imaginative
  •  joyful
  • energetic
  • hard working
  • adventurous
  • sincere
  • helpful
  • honest
  • kind
  • polite
  • respectful
  • creative

Let's Celebrate You! A special day for kdis.

These are the qualities that makes your child shine as a person and each one is definitely worth celebrating!!!

Have fun!