Love is for the Birds…

Love is for the birds... Bird Feeders + Printable Bird Dial!

Monique Barker is back today showing us some fun ways to reach out and learn about our favorite feathered friends!

There have been so many wonderful Valentines featured on Playful Learning.  I always know right where to go for inspiration when my kids and I want to let someone know how special they are.  This month, in addition to our loved ones, my children and I are showing our fondness for our feathered friends.  February is National Bird-Feeding month.

It was established in 1994 as way to publicize the importance and benefits of caring for birds, who play such an important role to the environment.  Why February?  This is traditionally the hardest month for wild birds to find food sources as well as water and shelter.  I can’t think of a better month to show our appreciation.

If you would like to create some feeders with your children, some simple recipes can be found here and here.  Hang them outside and watch the birds come!  This also creates a wonderful opportunity to have a bird-watching station.  To learn some interesting facts about some common birds, download our fun bird dial.

What are you favorite winter birds?