Halloween Candy Math

Halloween Candy MathAs parents, we are always confronted with the same dilemma the day after Halloween—What to do with the abundance of candy that our children collected the night before?

One way for children to relish in the sheer quantity of candy that is in their possession, without eating it, is to engage them with some Halloween candy math challenges.


One of the first things that the girls like to do when they come home from trick-or-treating is to dump out all of their candy and take stock of what they have gathered. I capitalized on this natural inclination by inviting them to sort and graph their candy. A while back I purchased this large chalkboard, which came in handy for this experience. You can also create graphs online, here.

It was an amazing process to observe, as they collaborated on how to best represent the data they were collecting.

Here is what they came up with…

Halloween Candy MathVenn Diagram Depicting Favorite Candy

 Halloween Candy MathGraph Representing Quantity of Each Type of Candy

Halloween Candy MathGraph Representing Different Color Wrappers

By the time the girls had finished, they were so proud of the their accomplishments that they did not even ask to eat the candy—for the time being.

More Good Uses for Halloween Candy…

I would love to hear your strategy for dealing with Halloween candy!