9 Apps for Young Scientists

Playful Learning: 9 Apps for Young Scientists

I am thrilled to have Rebecca from ThirteenRedShoes back with us today. She has a great list of app recommendations for the young scientists in our lives.

Mariah asked me to put together a post on science apps available for children. Here are some great new apps that I have encountered recently. Please do leave the links to new applications in the area of science that you have found, as I would love to see more.  This is an area that Master R loves and therefore we are always on the look out for new and engaging applications.

Here are my top science finds for little ones ages four and above:

  1. Planets – This application, which is universal, therefore available for both iPhone and iPad, is very clever. You can manipulate the globe and see where different parts of the world are in sunlight or darkness in real time. Very engaging as a hands on application, which has so many different levels. You can set location by latitude and longitude to see what the night sky is like and also see the visibility of the planets in the night sky.
  2. Smithsonian – This is company creates so many great story book apps, which contain fiction stories filled with factual information. The Smithsonian apps cover a large number of animals such as polar bears, penguins and dinosaurs. The apps are also supported with an educators guide which can be downloaded on the website.
  3. Britannica Kids Solar System – Britannica has an entire series of scientific applications. Earlier in the year we downloaded a few different apps on the planets and space, as it was a huge area of interest for Master R. This application in particular was too advanced for him at age 5 but would suit an older more mature audience. The immigration however was amazing for discussion points and plain visual enjoyment and awe.
  4. Wilderquest – Although this application is developed in Australia and specifically for the state of New South Wales it can easily be incorporated in any location. This app requires headphones and space as you need to walk around listening to the sounds, using the iPad as a large interactive display panel in which creatures in the bush land are hiding. You need to listen and try to find them by moving the iPad around. A wonderful way to learn at Australian wildlife.
  5. Cosmic┬áby the American Museum of Natural History – A beautiful application full of amazing images and information about the universe.
  6. ABC wildlife and ABC Go – Peapod labs create some really engaging application based and the alphabet and different scientific ideas such as animals and transportation. Each letter of the alphabet is linked to a topic in which safe you tube links may be available to watch as well as facts and images.
  7. Brain Pop Jr. Movie of the Week – This free app has some amazing movies. A new movie is available everyday covering a wide range of topics. There are additional levels, which can be purchased, but the daily science videos app is free.
  8. Bobo Explores Light – This app is delightful. It is based on the concept of light and how it has developed over the passage of time. It covers conecpets such as lightening, electricity, photosynthesis and sunlight. I would love to see an audio version in future updates. There is a lot of amazing information included in this app, however it would require an adult read it to Master R, who is a non reader (aged 5).
  9. Ansel and Clair with Cretaceous Dinosaurs – Master R adores this application. It is full of interesting facts about dinosaurs and has been developed with intensive reviews of books, scientific publications, and articles about the Cretaceous period. I think it is the sense of adventure hat really is really engaging about this app, while interesting facts are gathered along the way! There is also an African application based with the same characters. The Cretaceous period is the first in a trilogy to be released.

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