Writing a Family Newspaper

I am really excited about today’s post by Joey from Made by Joey and Creative Themes for Learning and Play. She shares the process she went through writing a family newspaper with her children as the reporters. What a great way to encourage a love of writing!

This is a writing activity that I recently organized for my children as another fun way of keeping a summer journal.

This year I promoted them to newspaper reporters!

Playful Learning: Writing a Family Newspaper

My kids happened to be in this copy of our local paper!

We started by looking closely at our community paper and asking ourselves…

  • What information can you find in the newspaper?
  • How is the information laid out?
  • What kind of photos do they use in the newspaper?
  • What information is often included in an “article”?
  • What information and photos should we include in our newspaper?
  • What “catchy” titles could we use for our articles?

Playful Learning: Writing a Family Newspaper

I have made two printable worksheets that are available to everyone here and here. On the first worksheet we recorded our newspaper observations. On the second worksheet we collected the basic information that all good reporters use to write a great story:  who, what, where, when, why and how! We then drafted some short “stories” and chose photos to correspond with what we had written about. Finally, we pieced everything into our newspaper layout
using basic graphic software.

And here are some of the fun books that we read during our time as newspaper reporters:

The end results were two very proud kids (that willingly practiced their writing skills) and a personalized “newspaper” to re-read and enjoy year after year!