10 Math Apps for the Little Ones

Playful Learning: 10 Math Apps for the Little Ones

Rebecca from Thirteen Red Shoes is with us again today. She has put together a helpful list of her favorite math apps for young children. Enjoy!

Over the holidays we received an iPad. While I don’t want my son to use it very often, I certainly don’t want to deny him the opportunity to become familiar with the technology tools that will be such a huge part of his world and reality. After doing some research I realized that they are not all that bad and that there are some simply amazing iPad applications out there for children.  At the moment I am really only looking at applications that suit young children and I am not sure how children, once they reach double figures, interact with applications. My guess is that this is an entirely different genre of educational applications. I would envisage that many of these applications would be open ended and leaning towards individual projects and creativity. However for my little ones it is all about learning sounds and words, interesting facts, being creative, listening to stories, and math!

Here are a few of our favorite mathematics applications that we have come across this year.

Here we go…

  1. Spur Design has created a wonderful shape application, Presto Bingo Shapes. I simply love it. It is math based and involves looking for particular shapes and as you find each shape it is counted for you in children’s voices. Very appropriate.  When all shapes from the page have been found you can move on to the next page by cue of a little song and animation. Adorable. I played this one over and over! I hope they release many more applications as this one ticks all the boxes for me.
  2. Les Trois Elles Interactive  have created a mathematics based application. This is prefect for the stage that Master R is at now and I think he will really enjoy these. This application is available in a variety of different languages.  I really enjoyed this application as it reinforces number awareness through the numeral, the number as a words, and through one-to-one correspondence. You can catch a glimpse here.
  3. Hickory Dickory Dock is all about learning to tell time. It is interactive and you can choose to set the time and manipulate the face of the clock.  Master R simply loves this. Master R is a long way from telling this time however this application is providing him with some in depth prior knowledge onto the workings of a clock and this will benefit him in the near future. You can see a preview, here.
  4. Counting Bees by Piikea Street is as the name suggests a counting application.  It involves dragging the bees to a flower and as they reach the flower they are counted showing the numeral. This application is available in 9 different languages including French, German and Japanese, which is perfect in a world where one language is rarely the norm.  For our little family we speak English at home, at school Master R is exposed to French in his weekly lesson at my mother is South American, speaking Spanish, so we can offer all of the languages for the numbers 1 – 20, if we so choose (we haven’t yet!). This application is completely open ended so there is never a sense of failure or right and wrong.  Very cute and the music is catchy!
  5. Apparacadabra, a Dutch company, has created, I think the most beautifully illustrated application I have seen to date. Count the Animals  is available in many different languages and the illustrations by Caroline Ellerbeck are precious.  I have shared this application with Master R and I think it is also his favorite. The animals do funny little things when you tap on them to count and it is fully engaging. A brilliant application for little ones learning one-to-one correspondence or learning to count in a different language, from a company with more due out soon, so keep an eye on them. You can see a preview, here.
  6. After a little bit of non-reading of instructions on my behalf (not recommended), I managed to work out how to use the ever so adorable Twelve Days of Christmas. It is delightful and the graphics are so simple and prefect. I am looking forward to recording our own little version that be shared with family via Facebook or via email. I love applications, which allow for the personal touch. You can catch a sneak peek, here.
  7. Pirate Trio produces a number of applications, two of which are educational, math based apps in the areas of counting, shapes, and puzzles. The puzzles application is most suited to Master R, as the counting application is a bit advanced for his level at the moment. The counting application is definitely an app to keep in mind as his skills develop for it focuses on fractions, addition and subtracting, sequencing, and ordinal numbers.
  8. Toca Boca Store is a lovely application for the beginning stages of understanding money. Master R can set up a shop, invite customers in (mainly his Mummy!), sell delightful products and then work out costing on the cash register. This is one of the few applications that require two people and I love playing shop with my little one. Too cute. I think this one may be my favorite. For a preview, click here.
  9. The clever folks at Montessorium have created a great math app. This application is aimed at the early counter, which is just where Master R is now.  The application focuses one-on-one counting and correspondence.  This is a lovely starting points for Master R as an intro to the basic concepts of math. It can be picked up easily and manipulated without a lot of guidance. The application can be navigated without reading so it is perfect for pre-readers like Master R. As an adult I really enjoyed this application and others by Montessorium, which I will tell you about at a later date!
  10. Finally not just about numbers but also shapes, colors and letters. The Make it Pop application by Tryangle Labs is precious, especially for little ones.  This is a lovely introductory application as it is easy to navigate and manipulate. You can see it in action, here.