Handmade Multiplication Chart

Handmade Multiplication ChartWith my oldest daughter working on solidifying her multiplication facts and my youngest daughter just touching on them and very intrigued by the process, we decided to take on a project that not only helped them to practice their facts, but fostered their understanding of the concept behind multiplication.

Multiplication Process #1We started out by cutting a piece of canvas that we purchased at the local hardware store. We purchased the 4 x12 size so that we only needed to cut one side. We have plenty left for other projects—maybe a 100s chart next? Using our 4×4 piece of canvas, I used a tape measure to map out a 13 x 13 table in pencil. The girls wrote out all the numbers in pencil as well. It was great practice figuring out what numbers went where. They had fun counting by 2s, 3s, 4s, and so on. It really brought the concept home to them that multiplication is basically repeated addition.

Multiplication Process #3Next, we brought the multiplication party outside and painted over the lines and numbers. We used washable tempera paints.

The girls were really glad that they had written the numbers out first. That way they could enjoy the painting process…

Finished Multiplication Chart

It was really satisfying to display the finished piece. We proudly hung it in our family room and it has already come in handy on a number (no pun intended) of occasions!

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