Sachet Station

DIY Sachet Station

I recently attended a conference on Learning and the Brain. One of my biggest takeaways was the enormous impact that stress has on the brain and our ability to take in new information. It became very apparent to me how important it is to teach children (and grown-ups) methods for self-soothing and techniques for identifying and easing stress when it creeps its way into our lives.

Soothing, natural scents have always helped me to unwind, so during a recent playdate, I thought it would be fun to set-up a sachet station. I have had the images from this lovely post by Garden Mama in the back of my mind for years now, so using materials that I already had on hand I set out to create a fun, relaxing afternoon experience.

The girls started by selecting stamps and using archival black ink to decorate their muslin bags. Next, they added a bit of color using thin point colored markers. Once their bags were complete, we spent some time smelling each of the individual herbs and creating custom blends for each sachet. We started with lavender, lemon grass, and rosemary. We talked a bit about the properties of each herb and how the sachets could be placed underneath their pillows to help them sleep or even carried in their backpacks to school just in case they ever needed a quick reprieve. It was a lovely way to spend time together and we made a delicious mess that filled the house with relaxing scents.

Mixing Herbs

Creating a Custom Blend

Adding Essential Oils

Adding a Touch of Lavender Essential Oil




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