In Your Hands: Exploring Multimedia Art

Mulitimedia ArtFor those of  you who follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed my growing fascination for multimedia art—especially when it involves photography. You can see some of my favorite creations from around the web herehere, and here.

After showing the girls those inspirational photos, they decide to create some art of their own. They thought it would be fun to start with their hands. Each one decided what they what like to be “holding” and we photographed their hands in the “holding” position against a white backdrop.

Hand PhotosNext we loaded the hand photos into the computer and converted them to black and white. Then, we printed them on 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of watercolor paper. We cut the paper down to size so that it would fit in the printer. We also had the best luck with 90 lb paper. We started out by trying 140 lb paper, but it would not go through the printer.

WatercoloringOnce the hands were printed, the girls enjoyed a relaxing and creative painting session. It was really fun to witness their ideas come to fruition.

Hand PortraitThe girls also experimented with using oil pastels to create the watercolor resist effect…

Watercolor ResistWatercolor Resist IIThis will be a fun new avenue for us to explore… I think a whole wall gallery of these pieces would be amazing!