DIY Cup of Tea

We are a big tea drinking family. There is something very special about the ritual of making a cup of tea and settling in to savor it together.

The girls have often enjoyed making their own cups of tea, yet until this point the process has simply involved the careful selection of the just right tea bag. They will tell you that chamomile or peppermint are their favorites and will often request blends such as “tummy comfort” or “cold care” when they are not feeling well.

I thought it would be fun to put together a tea caddy, that would encourage the girls to learn a bit more about the properties of each herb and to inspire them to make their own blends to suit their current mood.

I decided to start with four simple ingredients that were sure to be favorites and then to add new options as time goes by. We started with Lemongrass, Rose Hips, Chamomile and Peppermint. We did some informal research and made up some informational cards (*please do not take this information as medical advice) to include in the caddy so that they girls could have a bit more information about the herbs they were choosing.

I must say that the tea caddy has been very popular and the girls have independently and enthusiastically made themselves a cup of tea every morning since it has been out in our kitchen.

Personally, I love the down time as we sit, chat, and enjoy our tea…