Put-Ups for Daddy

Put-ups for Daddy
We recently celebrated my husband’s birthday. The girls worked hard to create a put-up jar for him.

They started by writing (with permanent marker to avoid smudging) and cutting out the letters for the word “Dad.” Next they glued them on to the jar with some glossy Mod Podge. When the letters were in the right place they applied one coat over the top of the letters. While the jar dried, the girls started to write the put-ups.

I was amazed at how the put-ups flowed from the girls without needing any prompts from me…

“I love it when you color with me.”
“I like how when I ask you questions you answer them.”
“I love when you are funny.”
“I love when I go fishing with you.”
“ I like the way you teach me things.”
“Thank you for cooking yummy dinners.”
“I love it when we bike.”
“Thank you for playing with me.”
“Thank you for reading stories to me anytime.”
“I like the way you are always there for me.”

I can think of no greater accomplishment in life than to have your children genuinely feel that way about you.

Thank you Edward for all that you are and all that you do. You are truly an extraordinary man!

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