Author Spotlight: Margaret Wise Brown

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“Goodnight stars, goodnight air, goodnight noises everywhere.”

– Margaret Wise Brown

Margaret Wise Brown is most widely known for her sleepy time tale, Goodnight Moon. Goodnight Moon was a childhood favorite of mine and is closely associated with warm memories for me. The soothing language and vivid illustrations will forever be etched in my psyche.

While I was working on my graduate degree, I had the opportunity to study her work more in depth and fell in love with her eloquent use of language, her focus on the cycles & rhythms of the natural world and the simple yet memorable illustrations of her books. Two of our favorite books are, A Child’s Goodnight Book and A Child’s Good Morning Book, both of which shed a joyful light on simple daily routines.

It is also inspiring to read a little bit about her background. Margaret Wise Brown was a pioneer of her time and surrounded herself with some of the brightest minds in education. She died at the early age of 42 and they are still uncovering and publishing books that she wrote while she was alive. Many of her older books have been republished with new illustrations and are readily available. I personally love to browse through used books to find editions of her work with the original illustrations to add to our collection. I highly recommend that you give yourself a treat and explore some of her lesser-known works.

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