Number Jars

Creating number jars is a counting activity I read about in the book, Workjobs written by Mary Baratta-Lorten. I used some bottles I had purchased to use in the kitchen, but never got around to organizing. I started by labeling the bottles with white vinyl numbers. To create a little intrigue and support I rolled number cards up and placed them in jars. I used the same number cards (see below) that I created for the Counting Shells learning experience.

I simply left the jars and a bag of glass pebbles on the kitchen table and before I knew it, my three year old was there exploring the activity. She diligently opened each jar, took out the number card and then proceeded to place the appropriate number of glass pebbles in each jar. For the higher numbers she relied on the number cards by placing the pebbles on the black dots to make sure she had the correct amount before placing them in the jar.

Materials & Resources

Number Cards (printable)
Making a Counting Book